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Why Thread Capital?

Small businesses are the backbone of North Carolina’s economy and the lifeblood of our communities. At Thread, we believe in the power of the entrepreneur and the small business owner. We want to help you do great things today and to celebrate your success tomorrow.

Thread Capital believes everyone deserves the chance to be successful. We give people the tools they need to pursue their small business dreams and create a better tomorrow for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Partners in Success

Thread Capital is your trusted advisor, helping your business navigate a confusing marketplace. We work with entrepreneurs just getting started and established businesses ready to grow.

 Whether it’s a $500 loan or a $5 million loan, we are here to help you find what your business needs. Like relationship banking of the past, we guarantee your loan will get the attention it deserves.

We count our success in the number of small businesses we help launch and expand, not the amount of money we lend. That is why we also provide you access to the coaching and connections you may need to maximize the full potential of your small business.


Rooted in North Carolina

Thread Capital is a nonprofit organization focused on ensuring that all residents of North Carolina have access to the resources they need to start and grow businesses. We know that entrepreneurs are passionate about changing the trajectory of their families and their communities. Thread Capital provides access to capital, coaching, and connections in the belief that with these tools entrepreneurs will create jobs and promote more equitable economic mobility in all of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

Launched in 2018 by the NC Rural Center–an organization with nearly 30 years of small business lending–Thread Capital represents a bold new vision for our state’s small businesses, expanding the Center’s services beyond North Carolina’s rural communities. Thread Capital is proud to operate as a subsidiary of the NC Rural Center.

Announcement: Thread Capital activates Hurricane Florence Rapid Recovery Loan Program to assist North Carolina businesses affected by the storm. To learn more, click here.