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At Thread Capital, we believe everyone in North Carolina who has a viable idea for a business that they want to start or grow, should have the resources they need to thrive.


Our mission is to provide capital, coaching, and connections to small businesses who have traditionally had challenges accessing resources. Our specific focus is on small businesses that are owned by people of color, women, low-income individuals, and rural-based individuals. We are committed to creating a more robust, inclusive ecosystem, crafting a new era of entrepreneurship across the state of North Carolina, one that gives everyone an opportunity to achieve their small business dreams.


Diversity at Thread Capital means having a staff, a Board, a partner network, and clients that reflect the people of North Carolina. We achieve this by proactively seeking and vetting job applicants, Board members, and partners whose values align with our mission and vision, and by ensuring that diverse voices throughout our state have representation in all aspects of our work.

Equity at Thread Capital means having a staff, Board, and partners who strive to grow in cultural competency so we can more effectively understand and serve our clients. Thread regularly reviews its programs, policies, and procedures; incorporating the latest knowledge to maximize equitable access and opportunity for all. We have the knowledge and experience to clearly communicate and provide assistance to entrepreneurs who may be in need of capital, coaching, and connections; or where English is not their primary language.

Inclusion at Thread Capital means that the ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives of our team members, clients, and partners are reflected in our core values, team norms, and operating procedures. We know that we make better decisions together than we do apart to overcome unique obstacles that our clients face. We achieve this by listening to them and by being transparent in every client and partner interaction. Collaboration, respect, and connection with our clients and partners are our driving objectives.