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Inflatables and stuff – Fayetteville

Ms. Sherice Alford, owner of Inflatables and Stuff, found Thread Capital through the Fayetteville Technical Community College’s Small Business Center.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, and the knowledge that inflatables alone wouldn’t help keep her business afloat, she sought ways to diversify her company.

“Our business adapted during the pandemic by revamping some services,” Ms. Alford said. “Initially, we were only inflatables, bounce houses and concession rentals. During the pandemic we branched out to yard card rentals and used social media platforms heavily to gain notability.”

Knowing that she couldn’t do it alone, she obtained a small-business loan from Thread that helped her add inventory and grow the business.

“Thread Capital was able to help me because with funding I was able to secure much needed items such as equipment, storage, update my business website and business cards,” she continued.

The Thread Capital experience and personalized service left a lasting impact with Ms. Alford. She expects an ongoing relationship with Thread as she continues to establish herself in the Fayetteville market.

“My overall impression of Thread Capital is great attitudes, positivity and professionalism,” Ms. Alford concluded. “They were essential in the process of building my business. I am looking forward to the continuation of our journey in entrepreneurialism.”