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The Main Point…

Nutrition. Whether it is top of mind for you, something you take for granted, or something you’ve not considered, the options available to us and the choices we make have a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Poor nutrition can lead to chronic health conditions that put a strain on one’s life and financial wellbeing. Thankfully, there are small business who have made embracing healthy eating their mission. They provide consumers with natural options that can help in their road to a better lifestyle. But, recent supply chain, pricing increases and other issues have made it difficult for these companies to provide the quality of service they advertise, often resulting in loss of working capital.

One such small business is the focus of today’s “The Main Point.” The Carters came to Thread Capital in need of funds to purchase new equipment and inventory so they could fulfill their mission of helping their customers embrace clean eating, one pancake at a time.

Home Food, LLC

In 2012, Charlotte-based Deven and Marquita Carter were looking for an alternative to the quick and easy meals they relied upon while navigating their demanding lifestyle as a growing family. Soon, family became the key to their desired change. They looked at old family recipes and, as they studied them, saw that those recipes went back to the basics – no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, low sodium, and always, all natural. They realized that was what they wanted, and soon Blanket Pancake and Syrups, their product line of all natural pancake mixes and syrups, was born. “We manufacture and sell all natural food products. Our product line is Blanket Pancakes & Syrup a Breakfast line that is made with all natural clean ingredients,” the Carters said.

Just like many businesses, the Carters encountered some challenges during the pandemic and turned to Thread Capital for help. “Funding was hard to come by for us,” they said. “It was very important to have needed materials on hand to cover our purchase orders, but our supply chain was disrupted. Thread Capital took the time to understand our vision and capabilities. The loan we received gave us the opportunity to fulfill our orders and meet the demand of our customers. We now have a clearer path and see the full potential of our business.”

A key component of Home Food’s business model is to ensure equitable distribution and access to their product. “Nutrition, Community and Accessibility are the pillars of our organization,” the Carters cite. “Our mission is to help consumers embrace clean eating by offering them delicious, all natural products.”

But, their vision doesn’t end there. They also have an underlying desire to educate the public. “We want to show people that food can taste good naturally without artificial ingredients. Our aim is to make sure that our products are as accessible as possible. To price and position them to meet our customers where they live and at their budget. We want to do our part to eliminate food deserts and replacing junk food and quick meals with healthier alternatives.”

Furthermore, Deven and Marquita’s desire is to be an example when it comes to representation and marketing to people of color. “There is a lack of authentic representation in that many brands target black consumers without having us in positions of leadership within their organizations. We aspire to be the change we want to see and show our community that success in the consumer packaged goods industry is attainable for all of us.”

As Home Good and Blanket Pancakes and Syrup continue their growth trajectory, the Carters make sure to share their journey with aspiring entrepreneurs as well.

“Our company is still growing,” they concluded. “We started selling our products at farmers markets and now we offer our products nationwide. As we grow, we take the time to share our experiences to those who aspire to have their own company or have a company and would like advice. Our hope is to help prevent the next small business from making small mistakes that can cost a lot.”

To find out more about the Carters and Blanket Pancakes and Syrup, visit, and while you are there pick up a bag of mix and one of their delicious syrups, or find out where you can buy them in a store near you.